A Guide To Re-purposing Photos & Frames

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Trying to choose the perfect gift can be a challenge. You may find yourself browsing online for something that screams “buy me!” only to waste hours and not be able to find something that’s anything more than just that - a thing. Checking a gift giving guide can be helpful, but they always seem to leave out a gift that can always be a hit: a custom framed photo. 

Photos are physical memories of the best times of our lives and everyone loves to show those off. That’s why we have so many ways of displaying them online. But all the “likes” and hearts in the world on your online photos don’t match how great it can feel to look at your wall and see a lovely picture hanging there. Use these ideas to get creative and maximize your favorite memories:

  1. Restore and repurpose family photos.
  2. Mix it up by hanging a wall gallery.
  3. Share a memory with a custom frame, one for you and one for whoever  else is in the photo.
  4. Try mixing and matching. Decorate with polished custom frames and  incorporate old polaroids to stay trendy and versatile. 
  5. Design together! Get the kids involved and let them help design a custom frame as a fun at home activity that builds up the excitement while the frame is being shipped.

Say you found some old favorite photos. An easy way to elevate them and give them the attention they deserve is by hanging them in frames. There are many ways to restore these photos, which may be worth considering depending on their condition.

As you decide which photos to frame and hang, consider hanging a wall gallery. A quick search online can show you tons of possible layouts that will work with the photos and pictures you want to hang. One trick you can try is tracing your frames on butcher paper. Once you have them all cut out, arrange your frames in the wall gallery layout you want to accomplish. You can easily move these cut outs and level them without breaking a sweat. Once they are in place, hang your pictures over them and you can easily tear the butcher paper away from the nail and voila! Your easy-to-do gallery wall is complete!
Whether you’re choosing to restore old family photos, hang a wall gallery, or gifting someone your favorite memory together, having a photo custom framed will always take your photos to the next level. Frames Decor is a great option for your custom framing needs.


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